This was be sponsored by the restaurant “Brasil ao Peso”, located in “Serra Shopping”, Covilhã.

The lunch (included in all attendee registration except online) was served in a buffet in “Siemens room”, with the following menu:

  • Appetizers:
    • Octopus salad (“Salada de polvo”);
    • Patties (“Rissóis”);
  • Cod with cream (“Bacalhau com natas”);
  • Pork loin stuffed with pineapple accompanied with rice (“Lombo de porco recheado com ananás acompanhado com arroz”);
  • Desserts:
    • Fruit salad (“Salada de fruta”);
    • Pudding (“Pudim”).

There was available a vegan option.

There was also available water, soft drinks and local wines (red and white). The coffee was served at the bar of the Faculty.


Gala dinner

The dinner (available through extra option at the registration moment or at any moment during the event as an upgrade of registration) was sponsored and served in a buffet in “Luna Serra da Estrela Hotel”, in a medieval room, with the following, regional and typical, menu:

  • Welcome appetizer;
  • Soup: Pumpkin velvet with almond (“Aveludado de abóbora com amêndoa”);
  • Table of hot and cold snacks (“Mesa de petiscos quentes e frios”);
  • Simple and composed salads (“Saladas simples e compostas”);
  • Portuguese lose (“Perca à Portuguesa”);
  • Old-fashioned duck rise (“Arroz de pato à antiga”);
  • Table of regional sweets, fruits and cheeses (“Mesa de doces regionais, frutas e queijos”).

There was a children’s menu.

There was also available water, soft drinks, beer and local wines (red and white) and coffee at the end.